Do I need a different computer or keyboard for each of the physically handicapped programs?
No, all of our programs use your computer with its standard QWERTY keyboard.  The only thing that changes is the guide keys for each individual depending on which finger or fingers they are able to use.

How do I determine which program is appropriate?
Should I get the Learning Disabled or Dyslexic Edition?
If the user is able to read as well as comprehend simple instructions, like
           With the A finger, strike the A.
           With the F finger reach up to strike the R.
then one of the Learning Disabled Editions will work well.  If on the other hand the user needs to have the instructions read to him or her, then one of the Dyslexic Editions would be required. All of the dyslexic programs read all instructions and typing lessons making it the most effective way to learn.  Please remember that all of our audio files are recorded live with real human voice.

Are the Learning Disabled and Dyslexic editions appropriate for all students?
Yes, because we have made these programs so easy to use and follow that all students can benefit.

Can the voice add-on be used for both of the One Hand program licenses?
Yes, the voice add-on is actually an upgraded version of the program and is also available in the Dyslexic, Visually Limited and Bilingual Editions, so it can be used for all computers.

Please feel free to Email or call us if you have any questions, Thank You.