We created the only graphical keyboards that take full advantage of assistive technology and activate new keys as you progress.  This is really a powerful component and a proud distinction of our teaching system.  
  • Easily allows the student to focus only on the learned keys

  • New keys are introduced as the lessons progress

Guide Keys:
If you are a teacher, during the course of your career, it is likely that you will occasionally encounter students in your typing class with various special needs. Given your time commitments to your other students, it would be impossible for you to develop an in-depth knowledge of the nature, causes, and effects of the handicap. However, some knowledge of the particular handicap involved will enable you to give the student the individual attention that he or she perhaps may need.
Each typing lesson is differentiated and covers specific grade levels addressing the disability and learning needs of that student while accomplishing the goals and skill sets offered by our programs.
Jack Heller spent years working with students and our great veterans to develop a system that would bring the highest possible results.